Welcome to Precision Window and Power Wash dot com! (Formerly Precision Care Services) Our motto is “Your clean home; our passion!” As one of the premiere home care companies in Maryland we pride ourselves on quality and customer satisfaction! Give us a call and let us show you your home at its best.



Window Cleaning

Why clean windows? With the recent COVID-19 bringing to light old wisdom considering that clean EVERYTHING contributes to good health. Focusing on clean windows letting your home get lots of sunlight inside contributes to good health.

Considering that sunlight is a natural antibiotic and has anti-viral and fungal abilities and everyday dirt and grime on windows will block wavelengths of light which clean the air; clean windows are a no brainer!

Add to the fact that those same wavelengths help our bodies produce serotonin (the happy neurotransmitter) there’s no argument against cleaning your windows! Give us a call and let us show you the difference!

Power Washing

Got a dirty house? Clean it up! Remove algae, mold, fungus and just general dirt from you home safely and without the high pressure blasting of your siding! Our softwash technique is a gentle as a dove. Only the results are smashing!

Got dirty sidewalks, deck, patios, driveways? No sweat. We can clean most surfaces removing dirt, grime, fertilizer stains and rust residue with minimal invasion of your time.
We can take away all of the green on your home without taking all of the green in your wallet

Gutter Cleaning

Who’s got two thumbs and hates cleaning gutters? I’d say EVERYONE. Who wants to get up on tall, heavy ladders and pull semi rotten wet leaves and dead frozen squirrels out of their gutters? (True Story)

Let us handle it. In the process we haul away all the garbage (dead squirrels too) flush the downspouts and rinse the gutter paths.


How do you clean my windows?

At precision care services we use a combination of two methods.  First we use the traditional brush and squeegee techniques inside to clean the windows.  We wipe down the sills and dust off the screens. Outside we use de-ionized water fed pole systems to wash the windows, frames and sills. 

Do you “pressure wash” my windows? 

No, the water fed pole system’s pressure is less than the pressure of a garden hose. 

Do you “Pressure Wash” houses?

No: we use a method called “downstreaming”.  This method uses low power to coat your home in detergents which remove mold, algae, mildew and dirt.  You home is then rinsed from all the detergents. High power streams are only used to project the soap and water to heights over 25 feet.  At this height this prevents water from getting behind the siding. 

What do I need to do to have my home ready for window cleaning service?

Ensure at least one external water source is on and working.  Please move any furniture which blocks the windows.  If you have drapes or curtains which you are highly concerned about, please remove them in advance.

Ensure all pets are caged or put in a contained area (We love dogs and cats but we also have a time table to work on) for our safety and theirs. 

An adult of 18 years or older MUST be present. 

What must I do to be ready for power washing? 

Ensure all vehicles are at least 25 feet from the house to prevent any overspray from landing on them.  Ensure all water supplies are on and working outside of the house. 

Please make certain all pet waste withing 30 feet of the house is picked up and all deck and patios must be cleared of tables, chairs etc. 

Pets must remain inside for the duration of the cleaning and should remain out of the yard for at least one hour after completing the wash so that the detergents can soak into the ground or dissipate into the air.

Is roof washing included in a house wash?

No, what is included is all siding, soffits and fascia boards along with the exterior of the gutters.

Policies and Procedures (in PDF)