Home UV Tinting

Most homeowners fail to realize…

Windows play an effective role in a home’s energy efficiency, allowing solar heat to enter in the summer months and home heat to escape in the winter months. This accounts for 26% of your total heating costs and near 33% of your summer cooling costs. 

You can reduce these costs with the proper installation of UV protectant window films.

Protection AND security!

Most fail to realize the damage UV can do to carpets, floors, your expensive furniture.  This can cost unnecessary thousands of dollars in replacements over time.  Blocking near 99% of all UV rays allowing you to open up those curtains to enjoy the beautiful light without the worry.

Also glass doors and windows are among the most vulnerable points in your home.  With safety and security film you can have increased integrity of your glass doors and windows reducing the chances of injury and while deterring break ins!

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